Connor Fuller and High School Senior Photography



Connor Fuller, CPP Fuller


Come join us on March 10th at 6:30pm when Connor Fuller will show you how their strategies to market and sell to seniors that has almost doubled their senior sales averages while separating themselves apart from others in their market. He’ll be breaking down the entire senior session from first contact, clothing consult, all the way through the sale including their workflow and process of building and keeping the “hype” of the session. He will also be covering their pricing and how they’ve been able to cover a range… from high end clients all the way to lower end cliental in a small town in a simple and easy to understand price list all combined.

Connor Fuller, CPP
103 West Lavielle, Kirbyville TX 75956

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February 2014-Mark McCall and Auto Flash

Mark McCall…M. Photog. Cr. PPA Certified F-TPPA, F-SPPPA

Exposure latitude with digital imaging is very narrow. Your exposures must be true as possible in order to maintain highlight detail in your images.

The problem is that TTL, E-TTL or any of the other exposure modes can be inconsistent or occasionally inaccurate. Manual mode can insure proper exposure every time, BUT, in the crazy, unpredictable environment of a wedding, your subjects are always exactly 10 feet in front of you.

After a few years of wresting with the models of flash produced by a common manufacturer, Mark began to experiment with the types of flash units used when shooting medium format. It worked far better than expected.

Enter the world of Auto Flash, or as we call it….”Set and Forget”. Once the flash is set to fire at a pre-determined aperture, say, F5.6, the flash will then meter itself regardless of how far the distance to the subject. Move the flash around all you want…It will auto adjust for distance. Amazing and consistent! No umbrellas, no modification, no heavy battery packs. You’ll leave this program totally amazed.

Mark McCall had one of the very first fully digital studios in Texas and currently operates a boutique studio in historic downtown Lubbock specializing in wedding, portrait and commercial photography.

Mark is a Master Photographer/Photographic Craftsman and one of only 30 photographers to hold the Full Fellowship Degree from TPPA.
Mark McCall Photography was voted “Fastest growing business in Lubbock Metro” four years running by Fiest Publications 2002-2006.

Mark has 15 images in the Loan/Showcase collections and is a 5 Time Photographer of the Year Award Winner.  Mark is also a 5 time An-Ne Award winner for excellence in photographic marketing, and is TPPA’s resident expert on digital capture, workflow and technical issues that face digital photographers.

On the photographic political front, Mark is the current President of the Texas Professional Photographers Association, webmaster for Texas School and SWPPA, sits on PPA’s Certification Committee and is a TPPA Councilor to PPA, and an all around nice guy!

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January 2014-Jenny Eisenhauer and PreSchools…Dare Ya!

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance…ESPECIALLY with Preschools.

Yeah, you got that right.  A photographer has to have all their ducks in a row before they walk in the door, let alone attempt to photograph a preschool.  Things can go downhill pretty darn fast.

Enough of the cute little sayings.

There is a lot of money to be made in the school business. Let’s face it, parents who have their children in preschool, may not be taking their children to your studio for portraits consistently

You can help them have beautiful and affordable portraits in their home while introducing them to your studio.

Find out how to confidently walk into a school and offer benefits to the school and their parents while staying in business and making money!!

-increase number of orders

-increase the order averages

-learn a time and cost efficient way to proof and deliver the next day!!

-schedule 2 preschools a week, and watch your dollars grow!

-also covering backgrounds, products, and ideas that will help your sales

-how to handle “kickbacks”

-start to finish- first time visit to delivering final orders, including timeline

-equipment to use, software, hardware, upgrades, and run through.


Take a close look at your business plan along with your goals for the year and see if this model will work for you!


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End of Year Party and Awards Presentation

It’s that time of year again! Our Annual End of Year party and Awards Presentation will be held on December 15th at 6pm at the Village Cafe in downtown Bryan. This year it will be an Adults Only party, so please make sure to get babysitters for your little ones and come join us for a fun night. Daniela Weaver will be providing a photo booth and we are all encouraged to bring some of our own props. She is also asking that our board members come a little early to help with set up and a quick board meeting. Here is a tentative schedule for the night’s activities!

Board meets at 5pm, Party starts at 6pm, Dinner at 6:30pm, Speeches and Presentation of Awards 7pm, Fun and dancing 7:30-9pm

We are considering a White Elephant gift exchange (photography related) so bring something you have lying around…instructional DVD, Photography book, picture frame…anything you don’t mind sharing with someone else. Wrap it up and let’s have fun!

The Village Cafe is located at 210 W 26th Street in downtown Bryan and we hope to see everyone there at 6pm!

Check out our Facebook page for more information as it arrives!  

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Notes from the Fire-Randy Kerr

Randy has photographed Texas and national public servants along with grand opening of events such as The National Wildflower Research Center, The Bob Bullock State history museum of Texas history, The Austin Convention center along with many Texas families and friends.   Randy’s photographs hang in 27 countries around the world and have seen on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings along with NBC Today Show and the History Channel.   In 1996 while digital photography was changing the face of how the masses take photographs, Randy decided to go another direction while digital gear was being perfected, changed his lifestyle and moving into a army tent in the Bastrop forest of Texas to study light for three years.  He began interfacing with light by clearing 11 meadows that have a visual relationship with the earth, light and the lens of a camera.  Randy Kerr wrote the Game of Light and developed the global award winning Westway Method of Photography and was encourage to teach this methodology for four years at The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas by Dr Steven Windhanger.   His unique form of teaching and personal way with words convey simplicity and clarity to the sometimes confusing photographic terminologies.

“It is about how you walk into light and evaluate what is present”

Randy’s focus is to educate film-makers and photographers on how to achieve quality light in image capture, while exposing meaningful humanitarian topics and the environmental necessity of green living.  Recent work include the Light of Congo documentary and book. This product was created in partnership with the village of Luebo Congo and the Luebo Partnership of University Presbyterian Church of Austin Texas and serves as a fundraiser to restore the historic First Presbyterian church of Luebo.DSC_5269 DSC_5502 DSC_5545

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PPSA’s ShootOut

The Professional Photographer’s of San Antonio Guild will be hosting a ShootOut on October 27th, 2013 at La Villitia from 1-6pm. Speakers and Guests Photographers are David Sixt, Laura and Randy Pollard, Dane Miller and David Boeck. If you are interested in participating in the Shoot Out visit for details on how to register for their event.default

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October’s Program-”Get Seniors in, Make them Spend & Have a Great Time!” October 14, 2013

Melinda & Cristie Reddehase are sisters with a shared passion for photography.  Simply put… We do this job because we love it!  There is nothing more rewarding than capturing a special moment in someone’s life.   We create images that are held onto, loved and cherished.

Both Melinda & Cristie have obtained bachelors of art degrees in photography from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Melinda started the studio in 2001 shortly after college graduation and was, for a time, the youngest studio owner in Texas.  Cristie joined her a year later when her degree was complete.  They quickly outgrew their 1,000 square foot commercial space and expanded to a custom built studio and three acres just over two years ago.  They photograph all types of portraits but love high school seniors and babies the most!

Seminar Info:   ”Get the Seniors in, Make them Spend & Have a Great Time!”

Our average senior portrait sale is over $1,800.  How? Senior photography is about more than the photos.  It’s about creating a solid marketing program that will have them choosing you over your competition and pricing your work in a way that encourages large sales averages. Over the years we have fine tuned our senior marketing including a very successful senior rep program for our juniors.  We’ve also structured our pricing in a way that ensures us large orders almost every time.  We’ll show you how to get the seniors in and make them spend!

Topic Covered:
Creating a senior rep program
Senior Marketing
Senior Incentives
Pricing to sell!!
Senior sessions & techniques (including Virtual Backgrounds)
Retouching & finishing (if time permits)

Silver Image Composite

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Welcome to the BVPPA website!

The purpose of the Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association shall be the elevation of the standard of professional photography, the promotion of good fellowship among the Association members and to serve the Greater Brazos Valley area with the finest Professional photography service and to create an atmosphere in which professional photographers may associate and learn from one another and stay current with trends in the industry.

We desire to plan, organize and promote better public relations between the Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association and the general public and to communicate and disseminate information about the state and national affiliates events, projects and educational workshops.

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